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Produktnummer: FKFSVW12033


  • kr 5.790,00
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    • LED technology

    • Yr. from 2010

    • colour: black

    • E-Approved road legal

    • left + right (Set)

    • Daylight headlight with LED side light


    The Daylight headlights:

    Not only at night but even in the day these add great sporting lookto your car. The Elegant daylight gives your car a top tuning look and you will also be better perceived by other road users! With the replacement of your original lights the Daylight headlightgives you a completely new timeless exclusive and sporty look!

    Not to mention the Daylight headlights are the hottest design in terms of tuning headlights and give your car a sporty aggressive look by day or night!


    Daylight headlightscome with E-mark and are therefore free registration. (In countries where it applies)


    Headlights can be easily installed from any dealer within about 2 hours.

    Installation Instructions:The headlights are complete with wiring harness where needed and“English“installation instructions.

    Our quality,the headlights can be compared to OEM and are produced by well-known producers of the tuning range.

    The price:

    As a rule, these tuning headlights are always cheaper than the original headlights. It is always worth a price check, even if only in the event of an accident or a broken fixture.

    The headlight technology:Headlights are not only technically but also visually better and are already installed 100,000 times with worldwide success. You want to give your vehicle a sporty look? Then you should order now.

    More design details:

    • Headlight clear glass with transparent lens

    • Improved light by clear glass and improved Reflectors

    • Unless stated electrical LWR (Light Control ALC) not included

    • Connection is via vehicle-specific connector

    • Bulbs are not included

    • No registration is necessary as provided with EU Compliant "E" markings

    • Easy installation as the original headlight mounting points of the vehicle used!

    • Long life due to the use of high quality material

    Items included:

    1 pair of headlights (left + right)